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The city Makarska

Makarska is the center of the surrounding region well known as Makarska Riviera, both in an administrative, political and economic sense, as well as a center of culture, education and tourism.

Nowdays, it is a city of more than 15 thousand inhabitants with its surrounding pitoresque villages beneath the Mountain Biokovo, including Veliko Brdo, Puharići, Kotišina, and Makar - from which the name Makarska comes from.

Makarska is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Dalmatian coast, known for its nature and climate, rich in tourist attractions and full of hospitabile hosts.

To this day, Makarska is attractive for its pebble beaches which are almost 2 km long. The walkways are lined with pine trees in front of hotels, tourist facilities, restaurants a lot of fun for adults and children.

Makarska is located beneath Mountain Biokovo with its highest peak 1762 m, which protects it from the continental climate and provides its rich Mediterrranean vegetation, mild winters, long warm summers, cooled by a refreshing breeze known as maestral.